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Retain & grow existing customers, with our Customer Success strategies

We believe that Customer Success is not just a team or function, it’s a company-wide initiative. Every department plays a role in the mission of Customer Success. Our solutions share your customer insights across your company to ensure every employee has full customer context and the means to drive great outcomes and experiences.

Strategic Design

Customer Success the “Wigmore Way”, is about developing your company’s “Breakout” strategy.  Move beyond that monthly cycle of two steps forward, one step back. We use a combination of our extensive experience in the Cloud, leading software tools and industry best practice, to design a bespoke customer success strategy for your company.

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Gainsight Services

As your organisation scales, your customer success team will need the right tools to function successfully. Using our data driven approach, we’ve deployed the class leading customer success solution to numerous companies around the world.

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Administration & Operation

Optimise, extend, and grow your Customer Success organisation.
We can partner with and execute your existing customer strategies or help you create a strong value driven process that delivers success.We can operate across all of your customer base or a subset. Utilise us across all customer interactions or just at key points in their lifecycle, such as On-boarding. Many of our programs include the use of our team of Customer Success Managers who will extend your customer coverage by reaching out to your end users, complementing your internal resources and strategy as a critical part driving results for your organisation.

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Our Customers and Partners

Transform how you drive

revenue and engage with customers

For decades, businesses have used data to drive customer acquisition. Now, we’re changing the game for those businesses, by helping them capitalise on the power of their data, to manage at-risk customers and grow the lifetime value of healthy ones. Make the difference and contact Wigmore IT Group to see how we can help you.

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