Customer success administration & operations

Gainsight Admin as a Service

Is your organisation at a size where you are struggling to find the right resource to administer your Gainsight implementation? Alternatively have you reached a point where the sheer size and complexity of your processes require the reassurance of having a dedicated Gainsight expert on hand to deal with the day to day maintenance of your Gainsight environment?

Wigmore provides a service where you can effectively outsource these tasks, allowing your customer success organisation to focus on its core competencies and objectives, secure in the knowledge that your Gainsight engine is always tuned to perfection and ready to support your evolving needs. Find out More

Customer Success Operations as a Service

As Customer Success evolves and as the data we gather becomes larger and more complex, the ability to understand and recognise your customers inflection points can be diminished or lost. Too much data, not enough information. Too many tasks, not enough valuable outcomes.

Wigmore’s team of Customer Success Data Analysts can help you find the trends and insights that are hidden in your data and recommend actionable activities, validated by our years of best practice experiences, but more importantly informed by your data. Unlock the power of your data to drive real business benefit not just customer success, but for your whole business. Find out More