Customer Lifecycle Management

Wigmore’s “Operate” product is an augmented offering. This ranges from providing a single “implant” to assist you with one function all the way up to the outsourced operation of your entire customer lifecycle experience.

We work with you to create a seamless experience for your customers. Identifying and addressing customer needs, always attempting to exceed their expectations. We map each stage of the customer lifecycle, identifying and executing proactive outreach events. Our data driven approach allows you to monitor the health of your business and make intelligent decisions based on data, not assumptions.


Allow us to take on your new customers and confidently guide them through this most important of phases. Leverage our unparalleled expertise and experience in project delivery and set your customers up for success from day one.

Customer Communications

Effective communication is essential to ensuring the success of your customers. We focus on delivering the right forms of communication at the right times. Each interaction with your customer demonstrates how value is provided and how goals can best be derived from your service. Utilising best of breed technologies we can provide an outstanding level of customer experience to your tech touch clients and re-enforce the value being communicated to your higher touch install base.

Renewals Management

Renewal time, shouldn’t mean renegotiation’s, effective customer success management, will make the renewal a non-event. We create a “Path to PO” plan for all of our renewals team, this plan allows us to ensure that any paperwork required for your renewal is in place in advance of the renewal date. It also facilitates accurate forecasting allowing for the identification and execution of cross-sell or usage rights expansion opportunities within the customer.