The Wigmore Way

There is no silver bullet for customer retention and growth. A successful strategy is about the iterative progress gleaned from lots and lots of little things, which are done differently or just better. Thankfully, this can be broken down into the various functions below, but it also demands a cultural commitment within the entire company – usually starting with and driven by, the CEO.

Mapping Your Customer Lifecycle

From Sales to on-boarding handover, through to renewal and customer growth, we identify each stage of the customer journey. We will create a clear roadmap from customer acquisition to advocacy. We highlight critical inflection points along the way and define proactive calls to action. Together we will create a consistent and transparent process, which allows you to see where each of your customers sit on the customer advocacy curve.

Technology Planning

We examine your technology stack to see if your CS team has all of the information it requires to provide value to your customers and to your business. Is the business ready to take on new technology and if not what steps need to be taken before it can do so? Will it be able to scale with your business or become a bottleneck and restrict growth? The right technology investment will allow your team to work smarter delivering value to more customers more effectively

On-boarding Design

Too many customer relationships flounder on the rocks of a poor on-boarding experience. We examine your current process and work with you to design the optimal approach. Our unparalleled experience will help you design the correct on-boarding offerings which deliver a faster and more sustainable time to value for your customers.

Customer Personas

Do you understand who are the key stakeholders in your customer? Are you delivering what they want and more importantly what they need, to make your offering an integral part of their success? Are there others in the organisation that you should be engaging?

Communications planning

Are you communicating, with the right people, at the right time, with the right messages? Are your people “just checking in”, or, do your interactions drive value for your customers?

CS Team Structure

Does your current team have the ability to execute to plan?, (now and in your future plans). Do you have the structures to react appropriately, to an increase in the volume and value of customers? Do they have the skills required? How do you ensure they remain up to date? Can you prevent your CS team becoming another form of support?

Installed Base Segmentation

Too many organisations segment simply on current license value, splitting their installed base into High, Medium and Lower value customers. They assign high touch, mid touch and tech touch communications plans. Installed base segmentation is rarely that easy. For example, there may be many organisations that start at the lower end of the revenue pyramid, but have the potential to become very large customers. Your customer success team must have the tools to identify and deal appropriately, with these high potential customers.